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Welcome to Lysten Counseling

A  virtual therapy and wellness practice led by Mindy Hancock, M.Ed, LPC-Associate based in Central Texas. Mindy specializes in helping individuals ages 13 and up with a multitude of issues including Anxiety, stress, grief, depression, and life transitions. 

"True healing begins when we acknowledge the importance of mental well-being and embrace the journey towards self-discovery and resilience."

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Mindy is a Licensed Professional Counselor Associate in the State of Texas, with a passion for helping individuals navigate their emotional and psychological challenges. Mindy's goal is to create a safe and supportive therapeutic environment where clients can explore their inner world, develop coping strategies and achieve long-lasting positive change. 

Supervised By: Dwayne Frei, LPC-S

Types of Issues Treated

Mindy's approach is practical, and focused on helping you find relief quickly.
Virtual therapy sessions available.
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Anxiety  & Stress

Discover powerful techniques to conquer overwhelming stress and anxiety with our guidance.

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OCD Therapy

We provide effective strategies and support to manage and alleviate symptoms of OCD, fostering a path towards a healthier mindset and improved quality of life.

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Grief and Loss

Providing a safe space and compassionate guidance to navigate the complex emotions of grief, assisting individuals in processing their loss and finding a path towards healing and acceptance.

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Panic Disorder

Utilize evidence-based CBT and mindfulness techniques to empower yourself and regain control of your mental and physical well-being.

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We offer guidance and tools to navigate through depression, supporting individuals in finding hope, healing, and a renewed sense of well-being.

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Life Transitions

Offering valuable support and strategies to navigate life transitions, empowering individuals to adapt, grow, and thrive during periods of change and transformation.


The Lysten Podcast

The Lysten Podcast is your go-to resource for mental health education and tools to enhance your everyday life and happiness. Follow along with Mindy as she provides valuable tools to help you navigate all things mental health. 

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